Sell-Out Con: BANDS

Sell-Out Con Performances

This is not in order of performance, schedules will be available day-of-event
Doktor Faux with one of his many adoring fans!

Doktor Faux & The Right Angles

Doktor Argus Faux emerged from the Hypercube Labs back in 2012 with an all-new plan for total planetary domination. In 2016, he built together an action-packed, loud, raucous and high-energy show complete with his new rock band The Right Angles!

Bobby Clock and the Soda Pops: Cesar Marquez and Ray Brazen

Bobby Clock & The Soda Pops 
Bobby Clock and the Soda Pops : believe every song should be a different flavor of soda pop spiked with psyche. Their sounds are keen to an illegal drumming slur of avant garage and papi grunge. The disgusting discussions with the many Bobbys in Bobby’s head have warped time and couldn’t tick with any more tock from a broken Mr. Clock.

Danny Feedback

Hippy Gone Wrong
Featuring Danny Feedback, Dr. Moonstein and Jeremy Anderson bring their ‘Frankenstein” show BACK TO LIFE in this special engagement at Sell-Out Con!

Christian Coffins of Sacred Owls

The Sacred Owls

Sacred Owls was founded in 2009 by Christian Coffins in Miami, Florida. Moved to Orlando in 2011 and reformed with various line ups. Currently and happily a 2 piece with Arielle Burial on drums. “We plan to expose and dismantle the corrupt New World Order.”

Members of TTN

“Hostile post-sentient bio-mechanical forces.” Forged in the bowels of Sanford, Florida these brave young pioneers (yet to be scalped!) combine hypnotic tones with amazing rhythm and possibly their own secret CULT!

Ray Brazen

Ray Brazen
One of the Orlando Weekly’s TOP ACTS of Orlando in 2017
 From Elmwood Park NJ to Brooklyn NY to Orlando FL, there’s no stopping the mighty Ray Brazen. “The Revenge of Davey Dawson” just might take place tonight! You’d best prepare yourselves.

Nuclear Pistachio
Ore is a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be profitably extracted. True to our roots, the members of the group were profitably extracted from local groups Harmonica Man and the Sawgrass Band, King Palm Tree, and Sleeping with Sunshine to form a group known as Blue Ore when a mutual friend with a keen ear had the gumption to put the three of us together in a room. Our natural chemistry and love for 60’s rock, blues, funk, and fusion turned our raw improvisational ideas into a power trio that quickly gained traction in the local Orlando music scene, and quickly evolved into the current line-up known as Nuclear Pistachio.

The Prople
Formed by Markky Karloff in 2013, The Prople have involuntarily stolen the patience and attention of innocent show-going victims since their tragic genesis. Inspired by an accidental, yet complicatedly severe distaste for contrasting instrumentalists, humanoid drum machine Kari Frankenstein was delicately crafted in a laboratory to fully perfect the horrid, antecedent musical entity now known to lurk among our modern world. Grimly unadulterated, the punk rock power duo is notorious to force communication through an always fast, wild and energetic live set that truly stands to make you wonder how long it may last before being viciously interrupted by a group of men in white seeking to retrieve the batch of escaped patients writhing atop a stage or from the filthy floors of your favorite local bar. Drawing influences from the bizarre stage antics of the world’s shock rock pioneers, and the musicianship of everyone from The Damned or The Misfits to those lurking within their own local punk rock scene, the forgotten cousins of the Animaniacs coat their anthems with a repulsive and sadistic finish to truly invigorate their catchy, overly exuberant tunes. As time has emphasized, this two-headed, screaming banshee cannot be killed, cannot be stopped and surely shall not be silenced.

Speakeasy Sirens

Speakeasy Sirens
Founded in 2016, Speakeasy Sirens is a brand new burlesque groupe starting up in Orlando, FL. Our performers range from trained theater actors and actresses to aerial artists and singers. We each bring something special to the table with our skills,

Broken Machine Films will be supplying Hypercube-esque psychedelic visuals throughout the evening at the venue Uncle Lou’s LMGA

Also Performing at Sell-Out Con!
Black Planet,

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Space Force and


DJ Breadfan

DJ Breadfan aka “Papa Chewley” will be supplying fresh beats on the outdoor stage!