Sell-Out Con 2018

September 15, 2018 – Grumpy’s Underground Lounge & Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall

Tired of the same acoustic-duos? Missed Bonnapalooza and now your summer is BLOWN?
Do you have FIVE DOLLARS?

Then you need to come to SELL-OUT CON! Hypercube Laboratory’s latest attempt at injecting MUTANT POWERS into the Orlando art-scene!


Sell-Out Con is a one-of-kind performance arts convention being held in the heart of Orlando, the Mills50 District!

Local staple Uncle Lou’s LMGA and newcomer Grumpy’s Underground Lounge are combining forces with Hypercube to provide the easiest access to some of Central Florida’s most unique acts of “entertainment”. Easier to navigate than Fringe Festival, cheaper than a cover-fee in downtown, and more fun than watching bumfights at Lake Eola (we hope)!


Doktor Faux & The Right Angles
It’s not a Hypercube party without the lab-coat wearing psychopaths from the lab! Don your Hypervision goggles and bathe in the Psychoustic powered ROCK N’ ROLL of The Right Angles!

Bobby Clock & The Soda Pops
What do you get when a crazed hippy with more pedals than a bike shop teams up with a hardcore drummer? You get a real MESS of bleeding guitars, noise-loops and awesome beats!

The Crack Rock Opera
Orlando hasn’t been the same since Danny Feedback came to town with his friends Ronnie the Werewolf and Officer Trivoli! Bring a crash-helmet, and your CUTEST nose!

The Sacred Owls
The conspiracy-fighting duo of Christian Coffins and Ariel Burial bring a punk-rock army with them against the Rothschilds!

Forged in the bowels of Sanford, Florida these brave young pioneers (yet to be scalped!) combine hypnotic tones with amazing rhythm and possibly their own secret CULT!

Ray Brazen
One of the Orlando Weekly’s TOP ACTS of Orlando in 2017, Ray Brazen brings his Lo-Fi style to the high-tech enamored youth of today!

Speakeasy Sirens
Orlando cosplay-burlesque performance including acrobatics, aerial stunts and amazing sexy costumes!

>>> Broken Machine Films will be supplying Hypercube-esque psychedelic visuals throughout the evening!

Confirmed Vendors

Illuminated Paths (Independent Record Label)
Get the latest cassette copies of some of the hottest names in Electronica, Vaporwave and Lo-Fi music!


Do you want to SELL-OUT?

Do you have an act you would like to bring to Sell-Out Con? We are accepting applications from musicians, comedians and performance artists that are not currently signed to major labels.
Sell-Out Con also has a vendors area available for local artists and writers/publishers. If you are interested, please e-mail


Sell-Out Con is designed to promote independent artists from the Central Florida area that are not currently working with major record labels, art dealers or large studios. This is an experimental venue for “underground” acts to access. Performers are allowed to sell their merchandise (T-Shirts, CD’s, Zines/Books) and do not have to pay to play at the event. Performers keep any money that they make selling tickets to the event, and Hypercube Laboratory does not take any cut from their earnings.