Hypecube Rift Artifact

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Suggested Instructions for Usage: The relic is powerful enough to be used even within it’s specially designed container. They may be worn inside pendants or on necklaces. Relics have more influence when any two or more people are looking directly at it. Suggested placement includes workstations, labs, deep space, desktops. DO NOT MICROWAVE

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One of the most important events for Hypercubists is an alignment period. Throughout the year, multiple dimensional rifts intersect with our own space and time. It is through advanced study and careful guidance that one could peer through the veil and witness what alternate universes their past and future choices have guided. During alignments, or Orthogon Day (Sept 27), these rifts sometimes affect the molecular structure of nearby organic and inorganic materials. These pieces of our world that have been directly charged by the Hypercube (See: Containment Theory chapter in CUBESPEAK) are left behind as RELICS.

These relics have shown strange influence over certain objects, animals and people they come in contact with. For Hypercubist masters (Journeyman) these relics are incredibly important in the intense meditation sessions it takes to learn how to peer into the Hypercube even when there are no nearby RIFTS or alignments.

We hope that this sacred piece of geometrical beauty inspires your strive to escape the confines of the eternal MECHANISM, that it may aid in crushing the the SPRINGS and PINS within. These amazing dimensional crystals will surely bring the world to a glorious age of FREEDOM and CHOICE!

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