Hypercube Laboratory is the central hub for several podcasts with different styles, topics and audiences.

We know one of our delicious shows will entice your appetite for the biting-commentary of the weird world!


Homo Vulgaris

Homo Vulgaris joins forces with Hypercube Laboratory Network!

Cyberpunk stoner paranoia and misguided attempts at social commentary. The future is now and it SUCKS!



“Time For The Show” with Doktor Argus Faux and Aster Six

Hey kids, it’s TIME FOR THE SHOW! This new weekly program features Doktor Faux at his MADDEST, ANGRIEST, MOST UNHINGED! Joining him is the only person to ever stand to listen to him for more than five minutes, Aster Six! Aster and Faux were married in 2015 after being together and enduring each other’s face-palming antics for nearly a decade. See what it’s like to LIVE inside the Hypercube Laboratory!

Currently in pre-production, check back here soon! Support us on PATREON!


Thorazine Urine Podcrust

The world’s very FIRST audio PODCRUST! Featuring a rotating cast of characters including Peas, Anna Maul, Doktor Shoggoth, Fidd Chewley and Argus Faux and many, many more! There are no rules, no topics, no cues. Just the best in psycho-babble!

Thorazine Urine Podcrust OFFICIAL

Thorazine Urine Podcrust ARCHIVE