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Doktor Faux & The Right Angles is a high-energy interactive rock n’ roll show for subhumans of all ages!
Since May 2016 DF&TRA have been traveling across the state of Florida with their over-the-top stage performance filled with lasers, industrial strobes, Oxi-Clean and the ever-looming gaze of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs. People have commented that they not only love the SOUND the band brings but also the subversive lyrics, props, impromptu jam sessions and Faux’s in-your-face attitude!

Their early basement recording “Live at The West End Market” has been played, in it’s entirety on several radio stations across the country! Doktor Faux and the band have been frequently heard on the SubGenius Hour of Slack on WCSB Cleveland, as well on several shows on KPFA Berkley, WREK Atlanta and WPRK in Winter Park, Florida. The band spent the latter-half of 2017 working on their upcoming EP “NO FUN” (releasing soon through Hypercube Laboratory Records).

Here’s what a few people have to say about Doktor Faux & The Right Angles:

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The Right Angles consists of professional musicians, that have been suckered by the ego-maniacal “angry-scientist” Doktor Argus Q. Faux. Guitarist Reverend Ken first approached Faux after his one-man show which he sang and danced to a pre-recorded show complete with timed visuals and cues. From there, bassist The Alchemist arrived from his native Mexico and brought an unprecedented level of funk and groove to the project. As of 2018 the band has been joined by Fidd Chewley on the drums, after escaping the clutches of yet-another Jimi Hendrix cover-band. Together, The Right Angles have been working on their own, new sound while at the same time studying their influences like Ween, DEVO, Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Weird Al” Yankovic and commercials by the late Billy Mays.

Their songs range through many different styles and genre, from conspiracy-theory laden rock-anthem False Flag Attack, the politically-incorrect funky-rock The Isms, and their staple punk-hit Laundromat Pinball. Several songs defy any type of traditional labels like the hypnotic Noise Control or the love-letter to the greatest salesman of all time The Ballad of Billy Mays.