What is the Hypercube?

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The HYPERCUBE is the container of our and all alternate universes. Many different universes with alternate realities exist on PLANES of the Hypercube’s many axes. During the Hypercube’s rotation nearly any amount of universes could be passing through each other, known as times of INTERSECTION and during intersections there are possibilities of ALIGNMENTS. One could train in HYPERCUBISM and learn how to view other realities without even leaving their home, and use these parallel worlds as ways to fine-tune their decision-making for POSITIVE results which may include personal short-term or long-term goals. It is during alignments that a JOURNEYMAN, a highly-trained follower of Hypercubism, could traverse from one dimension to another. During alignments, the Hypercube’s rotation versus our position on our plane allows travel by one taking place with a dimensional partner who in turn takes their place in our universe. The prime time for this to occur is on Orthogon Day, September 27. It is on this day that Journeymen are presented with the clearest path to a multitude of alternate worlds.

There is not an infinite amount of realities, sometimes some entire universes only exist for a fraction of a millisecond, as choices or the lack their of that reality could lead to immediate destruction. Other times, paradoxes and faults in the space-time continuum can result in WARPS. The distortions in space-time can have powers of INFLUENCE over nearby decision-making for some plants, animals and humans. Warps eventually can attract the attention of a RIFT. Rifts are the Hypercube’s auto-correction system, created naturally in the cosmic wake of the axes rotation. Rifts are kind of like black holes, except they act almost like a sentient creature that hunts for psychic unstability for prey. Rifts can absorb and crush influence warps, paradoxes and other cosmic failures as small as an atom or as large as a galaxy. Rifts are responsible for destroying entire realities when enough poor decisions have been made.

Our world is covered with a sort of PSYCHIC NET. Like a large spherical cargo-net in the atmosphere, it hangs overs us. The lower the net is to you, the easier it is to manipulate it. When enough people focus on the same aspirations, goals or wish (PRAYER) the net will give way to them. Most modern religions use this net-pulling to pull favor towards them from their followers in the form of trust and allegiance which usually results in tithes and donations. Those who pull hard on the net, to guide people unconsciously towards them, should be expected to give to their followers the wisdom and guidance they are receiving from a global-network of feelings, intuition and instinct. Rather, most use it for personal financial gain or to start terrorist organizations. A Hypercubist learns to push and pull on the net during guided meditation, so that they may become a beacon to others and deliver a message of PEACE and TOLERANCE while also receiving BENEFITS such as enhanced ESP or other abilities.

Hypercubism is not like a 12-step recovery program, a diet, personal therapy, psychosis or religion. It is a system that is designed to EMPOWER the user and learn how to make life better on their OWN. Hypercubism is simply a GUIDE for those ready to travel the path of self-discovery. It is an incredibly powerful tool that could embolden thousands of people every day.

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