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Time For The Show s1e22: Anterohistorical Revisionist Futurism

Another Wosrt-Of episode! The stream crashed several times during the live broadcast, but we managed to scrape the resin of the show from the pipe of the soundboard, smoke it, and blow the smoke into a laptop running a sound editor. This week: Peas outlines the pros and cons of hoarding your own feces. Doktor Faux snorts a ramen noodle flavor packet for Jesus. Fidd reveals all of YOUR dirtiest secrets. Faux & Fidd talk about their recent trip to the Minor Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe, where the guards have handguns! The fine for smoking in an elevator in Maryland is ONLY $25! Fidd convinces peas that it’s okay for him to drink on antibiotics because he’s a heavyweight. Peas & Fidd get gay-married and go back to their Africa (Ireland). Doktor Faux reviews Fidd’s new product: suppository cigarettes. The phrase “Cheddar Bay” should only be followed by “biscuit”. Fidd won’t shutup about groundhog jizz.