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Time For The Show: 114 A Pedophile in Nazi’s Clothing

This week’s pennjillette is Cat Feather. Fidd can’t correctly tune his duduk, so he purposefuly sneezes on Faux’s ant farm in frustration. peas [sic] attempts to do good radio; he is immediately corrected and punished by Faux and Fidd. Co-solipsists, Dok Cosmac and Not-That-Bob Dapper, join the show in the

The X-Day: The Game: The Demo is HERE!

AN EXCITING NEW INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC REVELATION IS UPON US!!!   WHEREAS: there have been practically innumerable instances of speculation over the course of the last few decades regarding a hypothetical video game about X-Day…   WHEREAS: every such instance thereuntoforth has recently been revealed to be not speculation, but PROPHECY…   WHEREAS: the attached