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Time For The Show s1e10: Anti-Social Social Club

The show returns to it’s normal Monday-night slot with the guys holding hands and singing songs. Special guest Riley Mix of Anti-Social Engineering joins the first hour, and tells us how his co-host is pee-shy when not in the special fortified bathroom. The guys then learn about “locking” the room behind them before going LIVE on the air, then Cosmac joins in on Hour 2 to update on X-Day: The Game: The Demo

Time for the Show
Season One – Episode Ten
March 5, 2018
Argus Faux, Fidd Chewley, Peas, Riley Mix
Hour 2: Doktor Cosmac and Reverend 80

Listen to Anti-Social Engineering HERE

Songs in this episode:

  • Neil Cicierega – Aaron
  • Frank Zappa – Advance Romance
  • Lettuce – Lettsanity
  • Ween – Big Jilm
  • Captain Beefheart – Grow Fins
  • Jeff Beck – Even Odds
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