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Moving the SHOW!

You can now catch the show every week and subscribe to our podcast at www.timefortheshow.com !

We have already updated our feed with iTunes and you do not need to re-subscribe.
Unfortunately Google does not work nearly as fast on this, and we are awaiting the
feed’s update.

We now also offer subscription by e-mail! http://subscribebyemail.com/timefortheshow.com/feed/podcast/

You can also add the RSS feed http://timefortheshow.com/feed/podcast/  into your preferred podcast app or feed reader.

If you experience any issues with your podcast app, let us know at email@timefortheshow.com

While the Livestream page will still work here on Hypercube’s site, episodes will no longer be uploaded here. If you want to here the LATEST episodes, you will need to visit the NEW SITE!



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