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The X-Day: The Game: The Demo is HERE!

WHEREASthere have been practically innumerable instances of speculation over the course of the last few decades regarding a hypothetical video game about X-Day…
WHEREAS: every such instance thereuntoforth has recently been revealed to be not speculation, but PROPHECY…
WHEREASthe attached file is the object of said prophecy, and YOU are the subject…
WHEREAS: f*ck peas….
  After a thorough waterboarding, Dok Cosmac finally agreed that NOW is the time to reveal “Bob”‘s testament of Slack, salvation, and SEX GODDESSES (or gods, whatever) in the hottest new form of propaganda since “for a good time call” graffiti: VIDEO GAMES!
X-Day: The Video Game: The Demo isn’t just a game; it’s a military-grade, old-school style, point-and-click adventure/puzzle simulation of the actual X-Day ritual in which you play the role of a pathetic idiot attending his first X-Day.  All you have to do is find a way in and not fuck up everyone else’s party.  We guarantee that you’ll love it, and if you don’t, we’ll guarantee that, TOO!!  And if you don’t even play the game at all, we’ll give you triple the money you spent on it back!

Have you ever forgot what you were about to say — right before you tried to say it?  It was probably about THIS GAMERemember how dumb you felt?  NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELF!!  Lube up your computer, download the free demo, and play it!  Why, you’ll look like a PRO at X-Day this year with all the practice you get from this game.  HOT CHICKS will ask you what your “secret” is!  Your golf swing will increase by NINE THOUSAND!  Your prosecutors will be violated!  OR KILL ME!

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