Author: Fidd Chewley

Time For The Show: 115 Mating Ritual of the Domestic Tooth

The sound sucked on the last show suck’d, so here’s a bunch of pre-recorded stuff edited together into some kind of show-like conflagration! In this, the most un-lost-est of episodes, our pennjillette is Reverend Caller 23, in the studio for gardening tips and best practices regarding the storage of coin

Time For The Show: 114 A Pedophile in Nazi’s Clothing

This week’s pennjillette is Cat Feather. Fidd can’t correctly tune his duduk, so he purposefuly sneezes on Faux’s ant farm in frustration. peas [sic] attempts to do good radio; he is immediately corrected and punished by Faux and Fidd. Co-solipsists, Dok Cosmac and Not-That-Bob Dapper, join the show in the

Time For The Show: 112 We Wuz Stangz

The whole point of doing the show live is to AVOID HAVING TO EDIT, but Fidd and Faux had to be in the OTHER studio during showtime this week, so we committed the ultimate Time for the Show sin by PRE-RECORDING A SHOW! That’s right, for the first time ever,