What’s coming up on Hypercube?

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Hypercube Laboratory has been evolving a lot over the past five years. We started as a simple group of analytic enthusiasts combing the internet and real-world on dada-data. There was no end goal at the time, and several projects started developing throughout the years. In 2012, the Hypercube Home Relaxation System project began in the visual laboratory. Eventually, Doktor Argus Faux brought his findings to the public in a multimedia art performance. Several iterations of the shows, known as ‘demonstrations’, occured in Central Florida and a several other cities around the United States through 2015.

Over time he met fellow collaborators who shared Faux’s enthusiasm for researching and documenting human sub-cultures and fringes, especially on the internet. Through multiple terabytes of dank memesm, cringe-inducing youtube videos, sadomasochist cartoon fanfiction, UFO cults, sex forums and more had come amazing discoveries in the unveiling of the world’s cyber-psychic-network.

In 2015 Doktor Faux began performing live Rock N’ Roll shows with his band The Right Angles. Using the research and experience he has accrued, Faux’s show is like a new-age/high-tech social experiment merging social media, philosophy, analytics and sardonic humor in an attempt to record the response of the audience.

In 2017 Hypercube Laboratory has incorporated with long-time collaborators Dr. Shoggoth and Fidd Chewley to start bringing these performances and informational discoveries to the web. Already in the works are two new podcasts featuring Fidd, Shoggoth and Mrs. Faux herself Aster Six. We are also happy to announce that Dr. Shoggoth’s podcast is joining the Hypercube Network! Homo Vulgaris is our latest addition to the site.

More is already set up to come out, and we are hopeful that these efforts produce interesting results!

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Welcome to Hypercube Laboratory, your source for a frightening new view of the world.

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