Hypercube Laboratory was started in 2012 by Doktor Argus Q. Faux. For the past several years it has served as Faux’s base of operations in the creation of mind-bending audio-visual work. During that time he has come across vast arrays of weird and bizarre material, cultures, rituals and more. The time has come to share what he has found.

The new Hypercube Laboratory website is designed to be an archive that Faux and his associates will use to document the the weirdest and funniest things that they have collected. Our goal is to provide commentary on the internet-culture, so we may better understand why we find things funny, cringe-worthy, depressing or embarrassing. We are no averageĀ scientists, no we are COMEDY ENGINEERS using the world-wide-web as our testing facility and you (our dearest reader) as our test-subjects. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S SO FUNNY.

Our EXPERIMENTS range from prank-phone calls to responding to Nigerian scam e-mails. We may provide you with bizarre articles from one of our demented intern writers or a collection of images raked from the scenes of terribly humiliating accidents. At any point, YOU may be monitored or surveyed so we can collect more data for our Library of Hubris.

Hypercube Laboratory is also hosting new PODCASTS, featuring the writers of the website. Check them out, they should be worth a chuckle.